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Ultra Nano Filter


The Ultra Nano filter is coated with one-billionth meter super fine nano fiber.
The air hole of it is 20 times smaller and closer than common polyester filter.

By Surface filtration, the dusts are not stuck in the hole of fiber unlike depth filtration.
The dusts are easy to be off when air-pulsing, so the life cycle is longer than common filter.

The curve on a graph of filter cloth’s pressure loss by use time

The efficiency of Ultra Nano : Lifetime of filter

See more details of the test report

Main contents of test report about Ultra Nano filter and PE filter in KITECH
Type Polyester filter Ultra Nano filter
Test condition Name of requested sample 500g 500g coating
Testing method VDI 3926 Part2
Air volume 3.0㎥/(㎡ㆍmin)
Test dust ISO 12103-1 A2 fine test dust
Density of dust 5 g/㎥
The value of differential pressure starting air-pulse jet 12.0 mbar (=122.365863 mmH2O)
Pressure of air-pulse jet 2.5 bar
Test result Average pulsing cycle 00:28 01:12 (The longer the better)
Penetrated dust 3.71 mg/m^38 0.51mg/m^3 (The less the better)

The average pulsing cycle of Ultra Nano filter is 72seconds, PE filter is 28seconds in the setting of air-pulsing over 12mbar. The PE filter need to be pulsed 2.6 times frequently.
The penetrated dust of Ultra Nano filter is 4% of PE filter. (High efficiency of filtration)

The efficiency of Ultra Nano : Efficiency of filtration

Type PE filter(KOLON L227) Imported NANO filter Ultra Nano filter
Particle size 0.3~0.5㎛ 0.3~1㎛ 0.3~0.5㎛
Filtering rate 86.2% 85~95% 99.1%


Cost down for replacing filter
  • Fine

    Extended filter life cycle by air-pulse cleaning

  • Good

    Reduction of compressed air and energy
    by low pressure loss

  • Reasonable

    Cost down by self-developed technology