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Model CPM
Use Removal of dust
Filter type Bag filter
Filter cleaning method Manually by shaking handle


CPF-Series mobile dust collector is to remove large size dry dust generated from polishing, pulverizing, drilling, cutting, shattering, powder injecting and sealing, grinding and mixing.

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  • Mobile dust collector
    The flexible arm is attached, so there is no need for additional installation of hood and duct.
    It can be moved easily to any direction with 4pcs heavy load caster.
  • Bag filter
    It is applied a bag filter enlarging the area of filtration by making flat rectangular filter pocket with polyester.
    It is suitable for removing flour size(1~100㎛) dry dust.
    It can be easily replaced by one touch holder. (Utility model patent registration)
  • Applying Flexible Arm

    See more about Flexible Arm  

※ Applied model : CPM 200 / 300

※ A type bending duct is attached to CPM-100.

※ It is not suitable for dust mixed with large amount of water or oil.

※ It can be used as fixed type by connecting separate worktable instead of flexible arm.


Model Air Flow
Dimension Dust box Capa
A B C D(Inlet)
CPM-100 12 90 0.4 620 720 600 A type bending duct (Ø125 X 1.2M) 12 90
CPM-200 20 170 1.5 620 1,040 750 Flexible Arm (Ø185 X 2.5M) 19 170
CPM-300 40 230 2.2 820 770 1,288 Flexible Arm (Ø185 X 2.5M) 32 200

※ Filter : Bag filter
※ Without the height of caster


  • Antistatic & Water repellent coating bag filter

  • Flexible conduit

  • Available for changing the power specification : 3 phase 220V/ 380V/ 440V, single phase 220V (below 3HP)

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