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Air Environment

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

IAQ is the air quality around the building and structure affecting
the comfort of indoor space and health of resident.

We have spent more than 90% of our time in indoor space.
So, the importance of IAQ on our living and working space grows everyday.
The IAQ is influenced by gas(CO, VOCs), particles, microbial pollutants(mold, bacteria) and
harmful contaminants.
The Clean air Tech conducts and develops making of comfort indoor air quality
by the examination, analysis, ventilation design, product(filter) and management technique.

Industrial Air Environment

Nowadays, the air pollution of industrial sites is serious because of metal and fine dust,
welding fume and chemical substance.

The polluted air threatens the health and safety of workers. It also effects on the work efficiency and decreases the productivity.
Creating clean work environment and discharging the pollutants after appropriate filtering are essential for the well-being of external environment and local community. They are also important factors for ensuring the healthy life of worker and leading the sustainable growth of company.

The Clean air Tech suggests the most efficient way to improve the air quality by the customized solution for various working environment.

The Clean air Tech thoroughly analyzes each working environment based on standardized system and suggests the customized solution.

Fine Dust

The Fine dust is particles of less than 10μm significantly affecting on the human body.
The fine dust is usually composed of sulphate, nitrate, ground surface dust and carbon made
by burning of coal and fuel.

  • Pm10 (Less than 10μm)

    Called as the inhalable dust, causes various diseases like flu, asthma, bronchitis,
    skin diseases, eye trouble and even cardiovascular disorder.

  • Pm2.5 (Less than 2.5μm)

    Called as the fine dust, directly leads to respiratory diseases
    by getting inside the bronchus and alveolus.