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Dust Collecting Technology

Process Filtering Technique


Welding FUME
The fume which occurs in the welding process threatens the health of worker whether by the handwork or automatic operation.
The welding fume contains the toxic metal which is harmful to the worker, and the heat from the welding process makes the metal particles to the fume.
This fume has a harmful influence to the entire working place if it is not filtered by the proper collecting system.
The improvement of the air environment by investing effective dust collecting facilities has a positive effect on the health of worker and contributes to the profit by obeying the law.

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Metal Cutting
The metal cutting process using oxygen combustion, plasma arc and laser beam makes harmful fine dust regardless of way to choose for efficiency.
The toxic metal substance which is easy to be inhaled could be contained in the fume and particle by the cutting process.
This substance is regulated by Clean Air Conservation Act, so the filtering process by suitable dust collector is needed to obey the law.

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Oilmist for metal working
In the manufacturing process with metal working, the oil-mist is essential for accuracy, rust prevention, life extension of tool. But the safe of worker and productivity of facility can be threatened by the oil-mist.
The oil-mist could cause slip trouble by the oil over surface and respiratory problem of worker by the long time exposure.
It is indispensable process for the health of worker and improvement of productivity to remove the oilmist by effective dust collector.

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Wood processing dust
In the wood processing for making products with lumber, large amount of wood dust occurs.
It is easy to think that it is less harm to health because the material is not metal or plastic. But it could cause dermatitis, asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis by inhaling or touching.
Appropriate dust collector for large volume of wood dust can protect the safe of wood processing worker.

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Obeying the Regulated emission and Environmental safety standards

The air quality which is effected by various process like wood working and laser beam machining is regulated by several laws like Clean Air Conservation Act, Occupation Safety and Health Acts.
Companies should keep on obeying the laws. Otherwise, the administrative measure like fine or shutting down could be charged.

Obeying the environmental laws and standards is more than just avoiding the administrative disadvantages. It can derive positive effects by protecting the health of worker and improving productivity.

Clean air Tech offers the air environmental comprehensive solution for environment regulation to the health and safety of worker.
We have overall system for air environment from the small and large dust collector to environmental service like air pollution measurement agency, hazard prevention plan and licensing.

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Specialized Technique for each process

The type of dust collecting facility need to be selected differently by the working environment and the type of dust. The Clean air Tech offers an optimized solution for various working condition.
As part of this efforts, we develop and apply the specialized dust collector for each site like laser fume dust collector for laser process, local ventilation system for the SAMSUNG DS semiconductor processing.

We provide customized solution for each client’s trouble.

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